Whiskey Chitra

During my stint in Antigua, I did record a lot of gigs on my cellphone. I am just starting to dig through the archives and realized just how fun and how talented the pool of musicians is there.

Here is a jam I did with Gypsy Chitra at Whiskey Den, I affectionately remember as the Whiskey Chitra gig.

Big ups to David Gerow​ and Fernando Ortiz​ for awesomeness. I still have no idea what song this was… LOL

#antigualivemusic #gypsychitra #whiskeyden

Another video…

I am working on dropping a video or some archival footage weekly, so you can enjoy something from the catalog, while I am working on next steps.

This week, I took a stab at a lyric video using the Rotor online software. They are just developing their text overlay, so transitions weren’t available, like they would be in FinalCut. Still, it was good challenge to make something not too clunky using only timing.

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Hasta el proximo video!

Hello Everybody!

I am starting to work more on my content while the record has been delayed for a moment. So, what better way than revisiting the archives and compiling songs from my previous records?

I have started to make videos using Rotor and FinalCut. So here is the first one:

You can download this song on Apple Music and Amazon.  Or you can get a collector’s out-of-print CD on Ebay here.

By the way, these are affiliate links to the above websites, so I can earn commission on any resulting sales.   It does help, while I’m in between things. : )