“As we all go down…”

In light of the impeachment hearings, I am releasing a new video of an older tune.

I wrote this song after being inundated by news of bad politics, dysfunction in society and social media, climate change, and police brutality. I messed around with Garageband and came up with the arrangement, with a bow to Herbie Hancock on the keyboard riff, Nina and Aretha on the vocal lines, and some 6/8 electric blues. I created this video through Rotor using stock footage.

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Your Blues

Stand back no more to see
But an unrevised history
It’s an unsteady world
But why we gotta act like dogs to live and let die

Picking fights with each other
Precious loser, you can’t love another
Zero sum he gain you lose
But you can’t pick and choose, pick and choose

Can’t look me in the eyes as you take your shots
The blood on your hands will come out in the wash

How can you stand by and watch your brother
Fall and suffer at the hands of another
How far are we from done
From disconnecting, thinking we’re the only one

Na-na-na-na-na. hey, yeah

This ship of fools gonna sink with nobody steering us
Safe and sound, blind leading them blind as we run aground
Who’s there to save us when we gonna drown
The water keeps rising as we all go down

Na-na-na-na-na. hey, yeah

Spend your life, break your back for a system that bruises you
Twenty lashes in jail when it fails you accuses you
Don’t exist in the eyes of the law, they can do with you as they please
You stand up for yourself and they bring you to your knees

Na-na-na-na-na. hey, yeah

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