How will I be now?

As we start to reopen as a nation, there is still lots of uncertainty. When 60% are still unvaccinated, what does that mean to the 40% that can resume their lives? Even so, we aren’t going back to the way things were, but rather a modified state. The title above refers to a song I wrote, inspired by Henry Miller, which originally was about falling in love, being forever changed by meeting someone. That phrase takes on new meaning now, heavy with meaning and loss.

Sorry to start with such a downer, but that’s where my headspace is at lately. It’s been really hard to be creative, I am either working myself to exhaustion on the essential worker hamster wheel or self-soothing/procrastinating in a kind of solitary sensory deprivation of sorts. Not the best time to flourish or write about your life that’s skid to a halt.

That being said, somehow I managed to eke out a couple of songs. One is a collaboration still in process that is about this endless winter that just passed. The other is a completion of that acoustic song I threw together right at the beginning of lockdown last year. “Isolation Blues” marks that year-plus of confinement that is finally ending, it’s not quite as country folk as I had started. It just got grittier and funkier as I added tracks. These days, I just want to write bangers. I think Tarriona “Tank” Ball once said that somehow it’ll be all right if you can put a beat to your pain. So I hope this is one you can turn up, groove to, and reflect on the tough times we survived.