Opening night

So, the upcoming concert is on Friday, June 24, and the link to get tickets is here.

Opening Night of Brooklyn Americana Music Festival at Jalopy Theatre, Friday June 24th!

Unfortunately, I tested positive for Covid a few days ago. I think there still may be a small chance I can participate, but current guidelines put the end zone just at the weekend. I will still test day of to see what’s possible.

In any case, I was in illustrious company and am proud to be considered part of such a lineup. So many different backgrounds and voices, it’s really a can’t-miss affair and I strongly recommend you go see it and stick around the weekend to catch some amazing talent all weekend.

Full schedule here:

Also, a PSA that even though things have opened back up, keep that mask handy, especially if you plan to take a flight soon. Don’t be afraid to be that person, it may save you some rescheduling.